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Portia J. Glassman, Attorney at Law

Portia J. Glassman is a Bay Area native who is an aggressive and passionate advocate for her clients. As a graduate from UC Berkeley’s Boalt Hall Law School with a precise knowledge of Criminal Defense, Portia will never settle a case before its time. What separates Portia from other Bay Area attorneys, is her reputation for treating her clients with the attention and respect that they deserve by being a zealous and knowledgeable attorney while keeping her clients informed through every step of the process.

Portia Glassman has worked on cases ranging from misdemeanors to successful death penalty cases/appeals before the United States Supreme Court and everything in between. Through aggressive investigation, negotiations and legal strategy, Portia has produced dismissals in cases such as alleged drug possession, sales of narcotics, robbery, DUI and domestic violence.

Do not hire an attorney that is willing to settle your case as soon as they receive your payment or refuses to return calls or communicate with you. Hire an attorney that treats your case with the importance that you feel towards your case. Hire Portia Glassman. Portia represents clients in the following areas:

Criminal Defense

* Spousal Abuse
* Child Abuse
* Assault and Battery
* Theft and Embezzlement
* Robbery
* Burglary
* Drug-Related Offenses

* Medical Marijuana Cases
* Homicide / Murder / Manslaughter

* Sex Crimes / Child Sexual Abuse
* Child Pornography
* Prostitution
* Reduction of Felonies to Misdemeanors
* Expungement / Dismissal of Criminal Records

If you have been or are about to be charged with a criminal offense, contact Portia Glassman immediately for a FREE CONSULTATION. We can help you stay out of jail and get you back to your work and your life.